If You're Feeling Sinister - Imperial Stout (750ml Growler)

If You're Feeling Sinister - Imperial Stout (750ml Growler)

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Imperial Stout (13.0%)

Let’s start off by saying we thoroughly enjoy brewing with adjuncts, aging in barrels, and the endless possibilities both provide. However, this winter we found ourselves nostalgic for some of our favorite classic stouts, specifically of the Russian Imperial variety. We decided to strip things back down to the basics, and challenge ourselves to brew something truly decadent, rich, and complex, without the aid of adjuncts or wood.⠀

If You’re Feeling Sinister is the result of that endeavor. And, it’s exactly what we were aiming for. Bold and uncompromising, this beer expresses rich flavors of caramelized sugar, dark chocolate, and espresso. Hints of toffee and toasted marshmallow complement the silky but full body, providing a truly indulgent experience. We hope you enjoy. 13.0% abv.

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