The New - IPA (1L Growler)

The New - IPA (1L Growler)

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India Pale Ale (7.5%) fermented with palm sugar and conditioned on toasted coconut.

$14 total ($11 for the fill + $3 for the glass*)

For a limited time, we are selling 1L growlers of the majority of our beers for the same price we typically charge for 750ml growlers. The extra 250ml is a thank you from us, for being such an incredibly supportive community.

*We have included the $3 charge in our online prices because, under our current circumstances, we are only filling new glass bottles. If you have Foam Growlers to return at the time of your pickup or delivery, please apply the appropriate code at checkout.

Discount Codes: 1xGrowlerReturn, 2xGrowlerReturn, 3xGrowlerReturn, 4xGrowlerReturn, or 5xGrowlerReturn

We will not fill other breweries growlers at this time.